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What we really do?

About Kasham Foods

Kasham Food and Beverages is a limited Liability Company incorporated in Nigeria, under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990. The company was Founded by 8 Years old Kidpreneur Khadija Tanimu Ahmed in 2017. The 8 years old Girl, Being Being the Brain behind the Famous food and Beverages Stores has been able to venture into several Categories of Food fruit and snacks production. The Company started with the production and sales of KHASHAM GINGER JUICE.. Pop Corn, Cotton Candy and Special shredded Chicken  (Popularly know as Dambu).The products are tasty and nice and you could always feel and taste that uniqueness we brings to the table with out delicious cookies and food[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

How it Started

Exposed to the Entrepreneurial and business sector at at a very young age Khadija has been able to attend lots of classes, seminars and workshops centered on Business, entrepreneurial Training, leadership ,social development and skill acquisition classes, Programs like The Place, The Brains and the Minds (A business Mentoring Platform), where she learnt how to manage anger, Nature Appreciation, Family values, multiple intelligence. she also learn how to start a business without money, The Toastmasters Garvel Club, to Improve her Public Speaking Skills, and Spreadstar Nigeria LTD ICT college for Web development , Coding/Programming and how to use the computer perfectly.

Her Juice company started when she was motivated by her aunty after seeing a girl of her age making juice herself, With a lot of ideas and business to venture into, She chased after her long time passion of making juice drinks, snacks and Food preparation, After lots of research and with the help of her mother she was able to put the recipe together and she started producing the juice in a small quantity. Her Father who is also her Business Mentor encouraged her to produce the juice in a large quantity. with the help of her business mentor she learnt the set the price of her product. Initially, her mum helped her with the mixing. Her brother was her first Customer, her coach and her Marketing Manager.